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“I’ve watched Dakota single handedly start new trends, gain millions of followers for his clients, and grow his own brand faster than anyone I’ve seen. He may only be half my height, but that only means he has to compensate with a great newsletter. Join it.”

Dan KoeAuthor of The Art of Focus (And Abnormally Tall Guy)

“Do NOT join Dakota’s email course. It’s filled with politically incorrect jokes and micro-aggressions. Extremely triggering experience. 0 out of 5.”

Mike J. (He/Heee)Founder of Woke R Us

“Dakota’s content helped me create viral content for myself and clients consistently while learning how to grow, scale and monetise my own social media without sacrificing myself and building my social media accounts to 100k+ and my online biz to 6 figures - If I were you I’d listen to him”

Lara AcostaInternet Wifey

“Dakota is one of the few creators with the power to change your life. In a matter of months he took me from a broke 9 to 5er to a digital nomad travelling Latin America and scaling to $50,000-$70,000 months. Sign up for his email course now.”

Taylin SimmondsFounder of Ghostlii and Peanut Butter Lover

“I've been writing online for 3 years now and there're few people more entertaining and informative than Dakota. He knows his stuff about business and writing, and I look forward to his stories every week.”

Kieran DrewCreator of High Impact Writing and Aspiring OnlyFans Superstar

“Dakota single handedly validated ghostwriting within the online space. His nuance understanding of how to conceptualize and deliver content that not only connects but consistently grows an authentic, committed, and highly engaged audience is world class - and his newsletter will show you how to implement all of it for yourself.”

Justin ScottFounder of The Compendium

“I was making $0 before I started working with Dakota. After working with Dakota, I landed my first 5-figure client and continued to scale from there. And now I’m making consistent 5-figure months and it all started with the foundation that Dakota built.”

Clifton S.Founder of Legacy Builder Growth

“Dakota gave me a clear content strategy for gaining influence, creating impact, scaling income. Often imitated but never duplicated - what he lacks in height he makes up for in cutting edge brand building knowledge.”

Joey JusticeFounder of Justice Performance and Glasses Fetishizer

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